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Central Fan Integrated Supply Ventilation with Fan and Damper Cycling -- The Basics

The simplest, most effective, economical, and reliable way to introduce fresh air in homes with central forced air systems is to use the central fan to pull in and distribute a controlled amount of outside air. This central fan integrated supply ventilation approach depends on two control processes:

FAN CYCLING: Fan cycling assures that the central air handler fan will run enough to distribute ventilation air and evenly mix air throughout the house, even when there is no demand for heating or cooling. But rather than operate the fan continuously or by a simple timer, the FanCyclerâ„¢ method factors in prior operation -- it does not run the central fan for ventilation when operation for heating or cooling has already accomplished the necessary ventilation and mixing. In this way, the FanCycler method saves energy as well as wear and tear on equipment.

VENTILATION DAMPER CYCLING: Integrating a motorized ventilation damper with fan cycling limits over-ventilation during long heating or cooling cycles and saves the energy of unnecessarily conditioning this "extra" outside air. The damper opens when the fan is on unless enough time has already expired for the introduction of ventilation air.

Sources for Controls that can do both Fan and Damper Cycling

Aprilaire, Model 8120 Controller
Model 8126 Kit (includes motorized damper)
Research Products Corporation--Aprilaire
P.O. Box 1467
Madison, WI 53701-1467
608.257.8801 fax 608.257.4357

Aprilaire Model 1750 Whole-house Dehumidifier
with onboard control for central system fan and ventilation damper cycling

SCI Model ERV-24-SUPER Thermostat with FanCycler
Systems Controls & Instruments USA, LLC
4037 Charter Club Drive
PO Box 1512
Doylestown, PA 18901
800.663.8107 215.766.1487 fax: 215.230.9532 
or contact Masco Contractor Services, 866-912-7233, Kathy Maston

AirCycler (Several Models)
411 Plain Street - Marshfield, MA 02050
781.834.1600 fax: 781.834.1601

1The fan and damper cycling methods described here are protected by one or more of the following patents: US 5,547,017; 5,881,806; 6,431,268; CA 2,245,135.

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